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Resilified fills the gap between “self-help” and “professional help.” Many people can’t get the skills they need from reading a book, but don’t have time/finances for professional counseling. Resilified meets your needs on your timeline, your budget, at your convenience.

Meet Joan Landes, MA, CMHC

As a licensed psychotherapist, Joan Landes, has professionally supported the progress of hundreds of individuals, couples and families. But she saw glaring flaws in the system that demands travel, time-off, and a small fortune to learn the skills that build resilience. People in distress could not get the knowledge and skills they needed.

Finally, after hearing a single mother of a disabled child sadly hang up the phone because she couldn’t afford therapy, Joan decided to take action. After months of development and investment, Resilified is a reality. Joan’s greatest desire is for everyone to learn the secrets to becoming Resilified and creating a resilient life adventure.


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